Best Toys For Boys By Age

There are a lot of awesome toys in stores today making it tough to decide which toys are best buys for boys. Thinking of the perfect toy for your son is not as easy as it seems. Not all toys are equal. There are types of toys for every developmental stage you need to know. Check out our list of best boy toys for every age!

Best Toys for Boys According to Age

1. Infant: Newborn to 6 Months

Infant: Newborn to 6 Months | Best Toys For Boys By Age

The first few months after your little boy comes into the world is the best time to look for toys that stimulate his senses. Colorful toys that also make noises are the best way to go! Put a mobile on top of the crib and let him watch it move and hear the sounds. Give him colorful rattles when his grip starts becoming strong enough to hold one.

2. Baby: 6 Months to 1 Year

Baby: 6 Months to 1 Year | Best Toys For Boys By Age

At this stage, your baby boy will  want interactive and engaging toys. Try battery-operated toys that move or make a sound with the push of a button. This is also a time when your boy will love some toys to tinker with. Give him a shape sorting toy and allow him to discover how to fill the holes with different shapes.

3. Toddler: 1 Year to 3 Years

Toddler: 1 Year to 3 Years | Best Toys For Boys By Age

Ever heard of the term “terrible two”? Well, it’s no secret that toddlerhood is the time you’ll be running around chasing your kid almost all the time! In his toddler years, your little boy will be so curious and will start exploring things around him.

He will also be very physically active at this age. He will run around and check on everything he sees! It may be a tiring stage but it’s a wonderful time for him to learn and explore. Some of the best toys for toddler boys are construction toys or puzzles to assist in their desire to discover. Introduce him also to ride-on toys so he can have an outlet for all the physical energy he has.

4. Preschool: 3 Years to 5 Years

Preschool: 3 Years to 5 Years | Best Toys For Boys By Age

The desire for physical activities is not going to burn out at this point. Your little boy will start focusing on his imagination and creativity at this stage in his childhood. Try giving him a bike so he can still be physically active and get a lot of exercise. Give him arts and crafts materials and loads of coloring materials and activity books so he can express himself and enhance his imagination.

5. Early School Age: 5 Years to 8 Years

Early School Age: 5 Years to 8 Years | Best Toys For Boys By Age

When children start schooling, their desire to learn and explore grows bigger. They still enjoy using their imagination and will also love more interaction from their playmates. That’s why at this age, it is a great idea to give him action figures of his favorite heroes. Board games would also be cool so he can play with his friends.

6. Preteen: 8 Years to 12 Years

Preteen: 8 Years to 12 Years

Before their teenage years, your boy will be developing his own unique personality. He will start building dreams of what he wants to be in the future. He will also be discovering the kinds of things he is passionate about. It could be academics, music, performance, arts, or anything else.

STEM toys are very ideal to give at this age. These toys help them solve mathematical and logical problems and also help them be more expressive and creative. Help your boy find his passion by gifting him these toys.

7. Teenage Years

Don’t expect your boy to let go of toys just because he’s in his teens. Everybody has an inner child and teenage boys have yet to let go of their childhood. Let your kid have his own tablet and video game console.Be sure to practice moderation early so he has a good grip on self control and discipline when it comes to devices . Let him enjoy technology − just make sure he does so moderately. Be supportive of his hobbies and encourage him to spend his money wisely on the things he likes.

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Parents can sometimes stress out about what proper gifts to give their little boy that are right for their age. There is always the right toy to help in his development whatever stage he is in. Parenting can be overwhelming, but if you pay close attention to your child and figure out his likes, you’re going to know exactly what toys best suit him!

What toy are you thinking of giving your little boy? Let us know in the comments section below?

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