19 Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Brands To Try in 2022

Cruelty-free cosmetics are on the rise to combat the ugly underbelly of the beauty industry—animal testing. It’s a known practice of the beauty industry: animals are subject to cruel tests; they are injected with toxic chemicals, doused with corrosive chemicals, and shaved and rubbed with irritants. Because of the disturbing treatment of animals, cruelty-free cosmetics pave the way for ethical beauty practices. See our list below to learn more about cruelty-free cosmetics.

19 Must-Try Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Brands

What Are Cruelty-Free Cosmetics?

Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Brands

More companies are declaring themselves cruelty-free. Unfortunately, many brands that claim to be cruelty-free are actually still owned by parent companies that engage in animal testing. Because of this, the following list contains brands that (1) don’t test their products or ingredients on animals, (2) are not associated with companies that test on animals, (3) don’t hire third parties to test on animals, and (4) are certified by Leaping Bunny.

What is Leaping Bunny?

Leaping Bunny is an internationally-recognized organization that certifies cruelty-free brands. Their requirements are even more stringent than PETA’s. PETA only requires a written pledge that the company will not engage in animal testing. In contrast, Leaping Bunny requires on-site audits to verify if the claims of the company are true. As such, Leaping Bunny-certified cosmetics are definitely more legit. Here are our top picks of cruelty-free cosmetics:

1. 100% Pure

100% Pure - Cruelty free cosmetics

The name says it all. 100% Pure provides cosmetics made using all-natural materials, environmental procedures, and cruelty-free testing. From bath creams to mascaras, they have all your skincare, body care, and cosmetic needs covered.

2. Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics is proud of its unique blend of minerals and antioxidants. Not only that, they have never tested on animals. Also, they source their ingredients from suppliers with no-animal-testing policies.

3. BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics-Cruelty free cosmetics

A blessing from the City of Angels, BH Cosmetics will give you that Hollywood glow. They have a vast selection of palettes and cosmetic tools. They are guaranteed cruelty-free and also have a line of vegan makeup.

4. Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty specializes in lipsticks. Their products provide extreme hydration for your lips. They also boast an extensive range of colors, in matte and shimmer finishes.

5. Cate McNabb

Cate McNabb - Cruelty free cosmetics
Cate McNabb – Cruelty-free cosmetics

Cate McNabb makeup is “designed-to-be-worn.” Their palette consists of neutral shades with pops of bold colors here and there. Because of this, it is perfect for simple, everyday styling. Not only are they cruelty-free, they also exclude many synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals present in other makeup brands.

6. Earth’s Beauty

Earth’s Beauty products 

Earth’s Beauty products are true to their name. They bring the best of what the world offers into their cosmetics. On top of that, their makeup does not contain chemicals which can cause allergic reactions. This is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

7. Fior Minerals

Fior Minerals - Cruelty free cosmetics

The Fior philosophy is that “beauty shouldn’t be bad.” In line with this, they are 100% vegan and certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Also, they have exquisite shades of eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks.

8. Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics advocates

Gabriel Cosmetics advocates for sustainable living and achieving beauty the natural way. With completely cruelty-free methods and natural ingredients, Gabriel Cosmetics offers simple and sophisticated makeup lines.

9. Hush & Dotti

Hush & Dotti provides skincare and cosmetic products which are cruelty-free, non-toxic, and vegan. Additionally, all their packaging, print materials, and containers are made from recycled materials. Their brand philosophy is definitely a step towards a sustainable cosmetics industry.

10. I Am Selfcare

Cruelty free cosmetics - I Am Selfcare

With the daily stress of modern life, self-care is definitely important. I Am Selfcare’s mission is to include self-care as part of its skincare and makeup package. They provide cruelty-free cosmetics with all-natural ingredients and affirmations. Because of these, their brand is definitely an uplifting treat for yourself and the environment.

11. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty provides potent, organic, and high-performing makeup formulated with synthetic ingredients. They use locally-sourced materials, sustainable agriculture, and energy methods, as well as recyclable containers for their products. On top of all that, Gwyneth Paltrow endorses their brand!


milani Foundation

MILANI covers everything you need when it comes to makeup. Foundation, bronzer, nail polish, and lipstick—they’ve got it all. They have a range of shades, from neutral nudes to vivid colors, with glitter or matte finishes.

13. Mineral Fusion

 Mineral Fusion’s cometic lines

As of now, Mineral Fusion’s cometic lines are still limited to basic makeup needs and neutral colors. While this may be a drawback, Mineral Fusion sources the best ingredients. They use cruelty-free practices and are partners with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, an organization that helps survivors of domestic violence. Each cosmetic you buy from Mineral Fusion goes a long way in helping many women and children.

14. OFRA

ofra provides skincare - Cruelty free cosmetics

OFRA provides skincare and beauty products perfect for achieving luminous skin. Each item is full of minerals and natural extracts. Additionally, their makeup is cruelty-free and perfect even for those with sensitive skin.

15. Pure Anada

Pure Anada

Pure Anada has everything you need to achieve perfect skin: clean formulas, allergen-free materials, and a certified organic lab. Their makeup comes in many varieties to accommodate all skin types. They have skincare essentials such as soaps, moisturizers, and toners. Plus, they sell other products you might need around the house such as diffusers.

16. Trust Fund Beauty

Trust Fund Beauty -Cruelty free cosmetics

Trust Fund Beauty specializes in nail polishes and lipsticks. Their products come in an array of shades, from striking to subdued tones. You’ll definitely find a color to match whatever occasion.

17. Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty -

Vapour Organic Beauty blurs the line between skincare and makeup. Their beauty products not only come in mesmerizing blends and varieties, they also keep your skin moisturized and healthy. They are USDA-approved and do not conduct any animal testing. Vapour gives luxurious beauty that doesn’t come with the price of cruelty.

18. Wunderbrow


Achieve the perfect eyebrows with Wunderbrow. They focus on providing waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof, vegan, and cruelty-free brow gels for any shade.

19. Zuzu Luxe

Zuzu Luxe-

Zuzu Luxe follows the philosophy and mission of its parent company, Gabrielle Cosmetics. The company has a complete line of makeup both vegan and cruelty-free.

Take your commitment to cruelty free cosmetics to the next level by choosing vegan products! Learn more about vegan cosmetic brands with this video from Leticia Lua:

Cruelty-free cosmetics let you release your inner beauty without hurting any innocent animal. Most cruelty free cosmetics are also all-natural. Because of this, you can avoid putting harmful chemicals on your skin. With this list, you can start on your path towards healthier and more ethical living.

Do you know other cruelty-free cosmetics we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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