How Growing Veggies Helps People Stay Healthy

Have you ever thought of growing veggies? As you may know, vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories, making them a smart addition to any diet. Growing your own produce provides you easy access to essential vitamins and minerals. It can also be a way to bond and exercise with your loved ones, and also to commune with nature. Find out more about this from NBC Nebraska below.

Becoming Healthier by Growing Veggies
Becoming Healthier by Growing Veggies

Becoming Healthier by Growing Veggies

Not only treating those that are sick, but helping to insure they may not need to come back near as often. That’s the mission of the Third City Clinic, which helps those that may not be able to afford healthcare. Part of there program includes a unique bit of well-health care.

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Through an agreeable mayor, donated items, and volunteer gardeners, Third City Clinic in Nebraska has come up with a community garden that will help feed their community. The workers and volunteers at Third City Clinic know that in order to treat patients, they need to go above and beyond just curing what ails them at the moment. By growing their own veggies near their clinic, and giving it away to their patients, the folks at Third City Clinic add delicious natural remedies to their patients’ diets.

But Why Does Growing Veggies Matter?

Executive Director Susan Aguilar put it best when she said that, “The concept is to not just treat people with medicine and with a doctor, but to teach them how to eat healthy and have healthy lives.” By teaching their patients the value of a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living, they improve the lives of not only them, but also their families and friends. When you have control of your diet, you have control over your health. Organically grown vegetables are chock-full with vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to in order to grow and be healthy. Even starting small with growing your own herbs can help in making your lifestyle healthier! Next year, Director Aguilar hopes that their clinic can offer classes on canning these vegetables. This community garden seems to be growing and growing more each day.


A Healthier You Could Be Just a Few Clicks Away!

To live the best lives we can, we need to adopt a more health-conscious attitude. Health doesn’t just pertain to staying away from illnesses. Keep your bodies in good healthy condition with exercise and nutritious food.


After reading about the benefits of growing veggies, we bet you’re itching to start your very own organic vegetable garden. Here is a helpful video:

Start the change to a healthier lifestyle by growing veggies! Your friends and family will thank you for taking the initiative. Do you have any veggies in your garden or recommendations for new gardeners? Let us know in the comments section below.


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