Organic Gardening Tips for Sustainable Living

These organic gardening tips will give you healthier and happier plants! The best part is, that you won’t even be spending that much for your organic garden. These sustainable gardening methods will have you working with Mother Nature most of the time! Keep reading to unlock the secrets and advantages of natural gardening techniques.

Organic Gardening Tips to Know Before You Grow

1. Use Vermicompost

 Organic Gardening Tips for Sustainable Living

Worm compost works like traditional compost. They’re better than conventional store-bought fertilizers. They don’t contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals can harm both you and your garden plants. So your garden plants will thank you in the long run. In addition to this, worm compost also helps reduce the Earth’s waste.

2. Have Native Plants

Have Native Plants

Different areas have certain local plants. These are the plants that will thrive in the said area’s environment and climate. Remember to have some local plants in your garden. After all, it’s always better to work with Mother Nature, as opposed to working against her.

3. Use Mulch

 use of mulch |  Organic Gardening Tips

Protect your soil and plants from extreme temperatures. You can make mulch with some items found in your garden. Some examples are leaves, grass clippings, compost — even paper and sawdust. That way, you’ll be spending less while improving your soil. Now that’s a win-win solution.

4. Have Integrated Pest Management

 Integrated Pest |  Organic Gardening Tips
Organic Gardening Tips for Sustainable Living

Not all insects are pests. Some will benefit your garden. These are the insects that will gobble up a pest for their meal. The presence of a spider, a small reptile, and a few birds will help too.

Attract these pest-eaters by having a few of their favorite plants in your garden. Some chrysanthemums and sunflowers will do the trick. You can also place a few herbs of coriander, rosemary, and dill.

5. Reduce Waste

 Reduce Waste

You don’t need to buy plant tags for your garden. Instead, use labels you can find in your backyard. Take a twig and cut or shave one area off. Then, only write on the twig with a marker and voila! Now, you have a plant tag that’s ready to be stuck into the soil.

6. Choose Organic Seeds

Choose Organic Seeds | Organic Gardening Tips
Organic Gardening Tips for Sustainable Living

Choose your seeds wisely. Organic seeds are taken from plants tended without harmful pesticides and other toxic chemicals. They’re more likely to turn into robust and hearty plants since they are grown organically.

7. Build a Community

 Build a Community

A learning lesson is best from someone who knows and understands what it is you’re going through. This means the more organic gardeners there are in your community, the more tips you’re bound to receive. You can also connect with gardeners in different locations through various apps or online groups. That way, you’ll never stop learning.

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The secret to these organic gardening tips is the idea of letting Mother Nature take its course. It’s about working with the environment you’re in, instead of working against it. Once you’re used to using organic and natural methods in your garden, you definitely won’t turn back!

Have a few organic gardening tips to share? Spill your gardening secrets in the comments section below!

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