Why Is Sustainability Important? | 7 Points To Ponder

Why is sustainability important? This isn’t just a million-dollar question, but one that’s well worth the future of our planet (and our children’s children at that). While sustainability is a frequently used word, the real question is, do we realize the extent of sustainability’s value to us? These points will attempt to answer why sustainability is a necessity and not just a trend!

Why Is Sustainability Important?: Facts To Know

1. We Cannot Afford To Lose Our Planet

Why Is Sustainability Important?  We Cannot Afford To Lose Our Planet

It’s true. We don’t know what the future holds. With the rate our natural resource is being exhausted, the future of our planet seems bound to take a turn for the worst. This isn’t just a foresight borne of paranoia, but an inevitability backed by scientific studies and research.

Sustainability is the only solution to this crisis. Despite massive financial support and research, there’s still a very slim chance of us finding another habitable planet. Sustainability is important, because our world may even be lonely after all.

2. The Future Generation Depends On Sustainability

The Future Generation Depends On Sustainability

With the future of the planet hanging in the balance, the future of our children and their children is at stake as well. Even now, there is a stark contrast in the quality of life of this generation and a century ago. Just imagine how it will be in the next 50 years or so if we continue down the path of self-destruction.

Cliche as it may sound, no one will take action but us. And when will we start but now? We are talking here about the future of our children and their children. What we do today can make the difference between bliss and suffering for them in the future.

3. We Cannot Afford An Apocalypse

desert cracked sand

It’s amazingly disturbing how some people view a  post-apocalyptic world as something of an adventure–romantic even. The very present is already sad as it is. Scary as it sounds, social unrest is an all-too-familiar scene in the news. A social decline is prevalent in areas where there is a shortage of both food and water supply. It’s scary, all right, but it’s even scarier thinking we’ve brought this upon ourselves.

If you think you can probably survive an economic meltdown or social unrest because you have a well-supplied bunker, think again.

4. Your Kid’s Kid Deserves To See A Real Rhino

Wooden Dodo Bird Sculpture
A photo shared by Donn Kinney (@donn_kinneys_art) on Oct 24, 2017, at 9:19am PDT

Not only are humans impacted by direct human activity and subsequent changes in the environment, but entire species of plants and animals are also being endangered at an alarming rate. We all know dodo birds once roamed the earth just four centuries ago. There’s no need even to go that far back because species like the rhinoceros would soon be a thing of the past if we don’t act soon.

Directly or indirectly, your decisions after knowing the importance of sustainability can help save life on this planet. Be it a species of a plant, an animal, or a whole ecosystem, knowing that what you do leaves a huge imprint on the environment will make you conscious of your everyday decision-making. Surely, you don’t want the future to feel how we felt about the dodo birds–they’re now but the stuff of movies and photos.

5. Get A Hold Of Your Own Life

Shopping bag for fashion

You think you decide for yourself, because according to Bon Jovi, “It’s my life”! We’re sorry to break it to you, but some companies have a lot to say about the choices we make. Whether you like it or not, they tell you what to buy, when to buy, and even how to buy things. Sometimes, things we don’t need. They tell you to buy the latest gadget, so you ditch the one from last year. You buy the newest fashion trend, without knowing at what expense they were manufactured.

Sustainability encourages us to make sound decisions. If you know workers’ rights are ignored to make a popular brand, you wear, stop patronizing it. Make them realize it’s not okay to treat people that way. If you know an animal was hurt to make a trendy fashion item, you know better than to buy it.

6. We Can End Poverty And Hunger With Sustainability

A girl eats a little food

Maybe not in our lifetime, but I am confident with sustainability, we see the silver lining in the dark cloud of poverty. Yes, many of us now avoid waste by growing our food and preparing them ourselves. We are currently mindful of how we eat. With the little that we earn from practicing sustainability, perhaps we can now take a step further to help causes in ending world poverty and hunger. We cannot save the world, but we can help save a family or two.

7. Achieve Utopia On Earth

Man Watering His Grass

This raises a lot of questions, particularly in individuals not conscious of sustainability. While this may seem far-fetched, living sustainably is the spark to this firework of a dream. Sustainable farming is the answer to food shortage. A sustainable energy source is environment-friendly, hence a cleaner atmosphere. Sustainable business practices have a positive impact on society, the economy, and communities. Really, in the bigger picture, sustainability seems to be the answer to a lot of world issues. Yes, all we need is love, but I think sustainability isn’t far behind.

Learn to live simpler and greener using these tips in this video from My Green Closet:

Knowing the importance of sustainability leads one to act. It is what we use solar power instead of coal for. This is why we grow our own food sustainably for. This is why we are more mindful of the things we buy. Everything we do becomes a conscious effort to live sustainably. Now we know why is sustainability important, sustainable living becomes second nature to us.

What do you think about sustainable living? We’d be delighted to know about your own take on reasons why sustainability is important. Share it with us in the comments section below!

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