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What is sustainability? Here’s the quick science — Life exists within a biosphere. Within the biosphere, are live planet and animals. The plants release oxygen and food, which is vital to the life of the animals. The animals produce fertilizer and carbon dioxide, which is essential to the plant. This is an open system about energy. This means energy from the sun comes into the biosphere, and radiation goes out.

Understanding What Is Sustainability

The Concept of Sustainability

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When you throw an apple core it does not disappear. The compost of an apple core will decompose properly. The apple core doesn’t disappear but breaks down into the nutrient-rich soil base. These are small-scale examples, ones that are value-added to natural cycles.

What happens to a retired airplane? What do shoes with holes look like after ten years in the landfill? It is also important to remember that some of the material mentioned above will begin to break down. When soil and freshwater sources are exposed to chemicals they will soon become part of our daily lives often in our food sources.

The Bigger Picture

The image we’re trying to create is just because you throw something away, doesn’t mean it disappears. It may no longer be your problem, but it remains an issue to the natural cycles within our biosphere. The matter that existed during the age of dinosaurs still exists today. It has transformed again and again.

what is a simple definition of sustainability?

What Is Sustainability? sustainable living environmentalist hand holding green earth

Sustainability can be a complicated concept. According to UN World Commission on Environment and Development, “Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

This concept justifies that the earth’s natural resources are finite, and humans should observe conservation practices.

Why Is Sustainability Important?

Why Is Sustainability Important

Reasons Why Is Sustainability Important? The future of the planet depends on it. You won’t see the effects, but your kids, grandchildren, and great-grandchild will suffer. Due to population growth, the demand for natural resources continues to grow. Economic practices influence production standards that do not support sustainability.

Appliances, for example, are built for long-lasting wear and tear. If the dryer stopped working, it can be repaired. A repair was a more economic solution than purchasing a new unit. The production quality met the consumer’s expectation for a lifetime guarantee. Specific business practices influenced change within production practices.

For example, a business found a challenge in maintaining its sales. As their products lasted an extended period, the demand for new units lessened over time. Globalization is another impact of modern consumerism. Today, products are made with cheap materials. Technology and culture drive demand. The public wants the “latest and greatest” versions of products they already own.

What Does Being Sustainable Look Like?

What Does Being Sustainable Look Like?

First, it is important to recognize the causes of unsustainability — ecology, and sociology. Humanity inhibits nature’s ability to run cycles. Chopping trees at a faster rate than they can grow. Building parking lots limit the growth of the natural soil. Chemical compounds cause significant harm to the environment. Creating barriers to people meeting their basic needs worldwide.

Avoid Products from Sweatshops

Do you know where your clothes are made? Check the label. The chances are high that a piece of your clothing was fabricated in a region of the world with free work environment policies. This is why you can buy shirts for five dollars. The items we purchase from sweatshop conditions are not recommended. Workers are paid poor wages which stops them from affording even their basic needs. Consumers indirectly support these poor acts by purchasing the product.

So, what does sustainability look like?

It looks like the way the world did before civilization changed everything. It’s a little overkill. It knows that in the biosphere, everything is related. The things we buy, the materials we use, the way how people make them, the way we (the consumers) use it, the way the item is disposed of – the full cycle, matters.

Sustainability is protecting the natural systems of this planet. Enabling those systems to flourish. Be mindful of our consumption, and how it may impede the natural growth of those resources. Plant more trees, rather than cutting them down. Support businesses that provide their employees the ability to meet their basic needs. Keep corporations responsible for environmental pollution caused by their practices. Support local businesses to lessen your ecological footprint. Vote for politicians and propositions, who support ecological wellness.

Watch this video and find out what is a sustainable development from United Nations:

Sustainability is all about the interaction between humans, society, and the environment. It is about us, our children, our grandchildren, and the world we will leave them.

Can you now define what sustainability is? Do you practice sustainability in your life? Share your insights in the comments sections below. 

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